Welcome to Methven Contracting

A meticulous, hardworking owner/operator with over 20 years experience drilling on local farms. Contact Millan to discuss our modern gear and competitive rates.

Methven Contracting is an agricultural drilling business located in Methven, Mid Canterbury.

Owned and operated by Millan Bungard, Methven Contracting operates two modern 6m drills: a Horsch Pronto DC and a John Deere 750A.

Both drills have twin hoppers, providing customers the option of placing fertiliser down the spout with the seed.

Our Claas Axion 800 & 830 tractors utilise RTK GPS Auto-steer.

We work in with other local contractors for ploughing & cultivation and harvesting.

Drilling Specialist

  • Direct Drilling

  • Minimum Till

  • Cultivated Soil