Drilling Services

Owner/operator Millan Bungard is a meticulous, hardworking operator who has been drilling local farms for over 15 years. We operate two modern 6m twin hopper drills.

Methven Contracting operates two modern 6m twin hopper drills, a Horsch Pronto DC and a John Deere 750A, utilising high accuracy Leica RTK GPS Auto-Steer. Their twin hopper drills provides customers with the option of placing fertiliser down the spout with the seed, which can dramatically boost yields.

When starting up our business we made the decision to specialise in what we excel at rather than try to offer a wide range of services to our clients. We work with other local contractors to provide complimentary services like ploughing & cultivation and harvesting.

6m Horsch Pronto DC

  • 6m universal drill suitable for minimum till, cultivated soil, or direct drilling into suitable conditions.

  • Seed, chemical and fertiliser.

  • Trailed seed drill combining seedbed preparation, consolidation, sowing and pressing.

  • PPF system for exact fertiliser-depot placement below seed rows.

  • 2-row disc system for the production of fine earth.

  • 6″ or 12″ row spacing.

  • Unique packer concept for a good crop emergence in wet and dry conditions.

  • Turbo Disc seed coulter with uniformer for a considerable clogging reduction and exact seed placement. Excellent seed to soil contact.

  • Rear seed discs enable drilling right in to corners.

  • Consistent seed depth thanks to rear position of seeder.

6m John Deere 750A

  • 6m direct drill.

  • Seed, chemical, slug bait, and fertiliser.

  • World-proven drill technology that is engineered for the toughest conditions, but isn’t too heavy on your paddock.

  • Accurate seed placement – The seven degree angle of the 457 mm disc offers a clean seed slot and minimum soil disturbance.

  • Ideal germination conditions – The smooth sided gauge wheel ensures precise seed placement with a semi pneumatic press wheel for optimum seed to soil contact. The following angled closing wheel neatly closes the seed slot.

  • Uniform depth control – With undulating field surfaces the “active” hydraulic down pressure system reliably delivers uniform pressure of up to 250 kg per seeding unit so that the openers follow field contours exactly.

  • Reliable working performance even with large amounts of residue.

Methven Contracting - Ashburton District Agricultural Drilling Contractor (14)
Methven Contracting - Ashburton District Agricultural Drilling Contractor (6)
Methven Contracting - Ashburton District Agricultural Drilling Contractor (12)