Harvesting Services

We are able to provide harvesting services via Methven Harvesting, a joint venture between ourselves and Chris Woods Contracting

Methven Harvesting operates a Claas Lexion 580 combine harvester with laser pilot autosteer and an APS Threshing system. The harvester is operated with a 7.5m grain front and a Swathmaster 9 belt grass seed pickup.

We operate throughout the Ashburton District, and our clients range from farmers who have done the maths and can’t justify a modern reliable header of their own, through to farms where breakdowns, other farming commitments or the weather has caused delays and they need a hand.

We can provide on farm cartage with our truck, tractors/trailers and augers. Long distance can be arranged.

  • Claas Lexion 580
  • 7.5m grain front
  • Grass seed pick up
  • Laser pilot autosteer
  • APS threasing system